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milestones and company chronicle.

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iMS | EN 9100 QMS | Part 21 DOA & Cert
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Nadcap | Human Factors | UAS

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Terminologies in German and English
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Trainings for managers and
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ddpConcepts procedure for ...

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Information for Non-German Speakers

Dear Reader,
Due to the fact that our main activities are in German speaking countries we have decided to maintain our website only in the German language.
However, most of our Products/Tools, Consulting/Supporting Services, Trainings and Audits are available within the English language.
Within the area of «Part 21 DOA» and «Certification of Products, Parts and Appliances» we are with all our activities strongly focused to the English language.
We recommend to use DeepL (https://www.deepl.com) for translation of specific information.
Many thanks for your understanding.
Kerstin Märkisch & Karsten Fischer